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Position Description Template

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There is an art to an effective position description, get it wrong and you could destroy your business / department / team and put yourself in a position within 1-2 years where you risk your operation, your job and your reputation.

Get it right and you attract the right person, with the skills and qualities to do the job, with the attitude to build on a harmonious team environment that kicks goals and advances your operation.



If you are:

  • changing your work style and focus

  • keen to increase your results

  • moving into management

  • shifting it up a gear and becoming a leader

  • changing companies

  • improving your skills

  • taking on a new project / department

  • simply just want to save time.

then this PD Template is what you are looking for.

The key elements covered in this template are:

  • Position Title - critical to attracting great candidates.
  • Primary Purpose - create focus and identify goals up front.
  • Key Accountabilities - establish measurable activities up front, you will manage to.
  • Behaviours - identify the key interactions (internal & external) + the 'how'.
  • Technical Skills - define the minimum expectation + what will be taught.
  • Thinking - describe the vision / strategy and the themes + approach to the role.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - clarity about performance + expected timeline.

When a person has clarity on the position and understands what is expected, the scene is set. This demonstration of leadership will most often attract high performing people who are motivated by a challenge.

An effective PD establishes the foundation while the KPIs set the performance objectives. When your team are aligned to your outcomes how much easier is it to achieve your goals.

To assist you in writing your Position Description, ‘The Art of Effective Position Descriptions’ is available as a free download with your purchase of the Position Description Template.